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Air Conditioning

Along with most manufacturers Diagnostic Services recommend that your air conditioning system is serviced every 24 months.

At Diagnostic Services we have the latest air conditioning diagnostic equipment, operated by certified technicians. This allows us to not only service and re-gas any system, but also enables us to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently.
Our comprehensive air conditioning service covers the following points:


  • In car check for musty odours and excessive condensation

  • Drain and evacuate the air conditioning system

  • Visually check the oil that is separated during the evacuation process for contamination

  • Re-charge the systems refrigerant gas

  • Replace oil

  • Check condition and operation of compressor drive belt

  • Visual inspection for leaks and damage

  • Check cooling fan operation

  • Check plenum chamber drains are clear and free from obstruction

  • Fully de-contaminate

DSR North London Service & Repair Garage

The bacteria in your car can be hazardous to your health


When air conditioning isn’t in use, condensation build up on the evaporator and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. When warmer weather arrives and the air condition is turned on, these unpleasant and unhealthy bacteria can be vented into the cabin. You may notice there is a problem because of an unpleasant smell, but quite often you can’t tell you are breathing in harmful bacteria.



Benefits of Air Conditioning Decontamination


  • Kills the mould and fungi that can effect your health and driving comfort

  • Improves air quality

  • Deodorises the interior of the vehicle

  • Removes build up of bacteria colonies

  • Includes a complete inspection of the entire Air Conditioning system

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